These are user contributed clothes for MakeHuman. Note that they are not created, nor endorsed, by the MakeHuman crew. You use them at your own risk. If you wish more information on clothes (including on how to create them), take a look in the wiki (particularly the FAQ on how to install clothes). New users may be interested in the MakeClothes tutorial by VscorpianC.

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Filter settings

Title Statussort descending Category Author Last changed
Necklace (Native American Fashion) OK Jewelry punkduck 2017-08-26
Elvs Ladies winter scarf 1 OC OK Accessory Elvaerwyn 2020-01-16
BSoM Astronaut Gloves OK Unsorted/other kwnet_at 2017-09-24
Bikini-02 (bra) OK Unsorted/other punkduck 2016-12-13
Starship Uniform Female (Trek Style) Security Red OK Uniform/Armor ken1138 2018-01-15
Short Bodysuit (Female) OK Gown/Robe punkduck 2017-08-26
Ballet Flats OK Shoes/Boots/Socks MargaretToigo 2018-11-14
Denim Skirt OK Skirt reizibarrientos 2016-11-07
Elvs Circle Chain Anklet1 OK Jewelry Elvaerwyn 2020-06-08
F Dress 06 OK Gown/Robe Mindfront 2017-12-15
Maria Shoes OK Shoes/Boots/Socks sonicteam998 2017-04-19
Elvs Male Logo TShirt1 OK Shirt/T-shirt/Sweater Elvaerwyn 2018-10-14
Tears OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-05-15
Bottom Braces OK Accessory callharvey3d 2017-03-17
F Cardigan Long Open Front OK Shirt/T-shirt/Sweater Mindfront 2018-06-25
Hero cape 2 OK Gown/Robe culturalibre 2020-04-02
EMT Uniform Pant~Ladies OK Uniform/Armor Elvaerwyn 2019-09-02
Elvs Fringe off shoulder dress1 OK Gown/Robe Elvaerwyn 2020-04-09
bag on head OK Hat/Helmet jujube 2017-01-16
Kay's Dress OK Unsorted/other MsKayRae 2020-11-29
Leather Boots OK Shoes/Boots/Socks MaciekG 2018-04-30
Elvs 6in Stilletto pumps2~tp OK Shoes/Boots/Socks Elvaerwyn 2019-04-21
Hero-heroine bracelets 1 OK Accessory culturalibre 2020-02-28
dudoc sandals1 OK Shoes/Boots/Socks DressUpDoc 2020-08-29
Traje cota de malla cabeza - Headmail chain suit OK Uniform/Armor javherre 2019-11-07
Shoes Monk Strap female OK Shoes/Boots/Socks Mindfront 2017-02-05
Sequind Bodikon Dress OK Gown/Robe Cortu 2021-01-07
Wizard Robe OK Gown/Robe MaciekG 2018-05-08
simple semitransparent blue water boots OK Shoes/Boots/Socks Jens1099 2019-05-23
Hero-heroine gloves 4 OK Gloves culturalibre 2020-03-07
Tiny Bikini Slip OK Underwear duarteemerich 2020-10-05
Elvs Crossback Nighty1 OK Gown/Robe Elvaerwyn 2018-03-19
lace up blouse OK Shirt/T-shirt/Sweater punkduck 2019-03-06
Hero kalistick lefthanded OK Weapon/Tool/Carried culturalibre 2020-01-19
spike collar OK Jewelry punkduck 2017-10-08
pushup bra OK Underwear punkduck 2016-12-31
Team USA Leotard 2016 OK Uniform/Armor jushcomb68 2018-01-25
Armored Corset (Wonder Woman) OK Uniform/Armor punkduck 2017-08-10
Suit with Dinner Jacket OK Unsorted/other MargaretToigo 2018-11-25
Teddy (erotic lingerie) OK Underwear punkduck 2016-11-10
Men's Suit Tie and Jacket OK Unsorted/other MargaretToigo 2017-12-22
F Dress 11 OK Gown/Robe Mindfront 2018-10-24
Suitcase OK Weapon/Tool/Carried culturalibre 2020-05-26
Vader Gizmo04 OK Unsorted/other grinsegold 2017-03-20
Riding Boots OK Shoes/Boots/Socks punkduck 2018-07-29
Hero cape 5 OK Gown/Robe culturalibre 2020-04-07
female strapless bodysuit OK Underwear punkduck 2017-05-29
Elvs Flatshoe Bow1 OK Shoes/Boots/Socks Elvaerwyn 2018-10-28
black cocktail dress OK Gown/Robe punkduck 2017-08-06
Elvs Goddess Dress6 OK Gown/Robe Elvaerwyn 2020-05-31