Elvs Frilled party dress1

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A dress for female makehuman models in the form of a fun frilly party dress. Tri mesh but loads in makehuman* the same. One simple texure included thusfar.




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Exported mesh is just vertices

When I export from makehuman to FBX, the mesh are just shown as individual vertices, there are no faces to the mesh. Any possibility for a fix?

Yepp :)

Elv just informed me, that there is still a problem ... So I started this morning and just added a fix for the new version. The tri-meshes had been neglected before. In this case the indexing of polygons and also the UV-mapping was completely out of order. On my box it works now (autosmooth of normals must be switched off in Blender btw). It is already uploaded to github (master branch) and hopefully will be in the builds soon.

You guys rock

Awesome! Thanks you both for all your work!