Tag requests

These entries (at the bottom of the page) are tags requested by users. It will be helpful if you view the requests and write a comment on whether you agree or disagree with the request.

You can also create a new tag request.

Guidelines for "Broken"

For an item to be consider broken it must have an actual defect (and not just be, say, not useful in a particular setting). Resons for a "broken" tag might include:

  • A file missing or misspelled
  • A filename including characters which are illegal on some operating system
  • A serious problem causing a crash in MakeHuman or Blender when using the asset

Guidelines for "Community favorite"

The purpose of the "community favorite" tag is to make very useful / high quality / nice assets stand out from the mass. It should thus be used sparingly, in a few select cases. I.e, it would not make sense to tag 50% of the existing assets as "community favorite". In order to be applicable for "community favorite" the asset must not be broken (as per above) and also:

  • Have a render so that users can see how it looks
  • Have a thumbnail

Tag removal

You can also use this system to request that a tag be removed. This can be done if you disagree with a tag, or if you are an asset author and have fixed a broken asset.


Existing tag requests

Title Requested tag Requested by Asset Last modified / commentedsort ascending
roupas Broken claupri "Assassins Creed Jacket" 2018-02-13 18:33
Elf Warrior Pants and asset downloader Broken robbaer Elf Warrior Leg outfit 2016-11-14 15:53
Lots of unique value Community favorite robbaer black cocktail dress 2016-11-14 15:25
M Suit 01 Community favorite wolgade M Suit 01 2016-11-10 00:05
Tube top Community favorite loki1950 Tube Top 2016-11-09 23:35
Nice jeans Community favorite Joel Palmius Tight jeans (female) 2016-11-04 14:52
Missing file Broken Joel Palmius 2016-11-04 14:52
Three missing files Broken bern341 2016-11-04 14:52