Shield (Wonder Woman, Dawn of Justice)


This shield Wonder Woman used in the film "Dawn of Justice". It was created from a photo I got from a friend visiting a game-convention, so I had the chance to create a texture, which should be very similar to the real one. Of course a lot of things are painted manually, e.g. most of the letters. I used only one rigid group, but unfortunately the shield deforms when you e.g. change the proportions of your girl. It then becomes oval. To get the same metallic effect, connect the color input of the glossy shader to the output of the texture, reduce roughness to 0.1, delete fresnel and use a fixed value of e.g. 0.7 for the diffuse/glossy mix node. The transparent node is not used. You should then duplicate the material and use a more diffuse mix for the leather straps. The demo picture is created this way. To get the shield of the new Wonder Woman movie, you need this shield and you should also load the different material.




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