These are user contributed clothes for MakeHuman. Note that they are not created, nor endorsed, by the MakeHuman crew. You use them at your own risk. If you wish more information on clothes (including on how to create them), take a look in the wiki (particularly the FAQ on how to install clothes). New users may be interested in the MakeClothes tutorial by VscorpianC.

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Filter settings

Title Status Category Authorsort descending Last changed
War hammer OK Weapon/Tool/Carried culturalibre 2020-01-14
Hero collar suit 1 OK Accessory culturalibre 2020-02-17
Bob the robot OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2019-11-08
Hero mask 5 OK Hat/Helmet culturalibre 2020-04-02
Hero-heroine bracelets 2 OK Accessory culturalibre 2020-02-28
Hero cape 4 OK Gown/Robe culturalibre 2020-04-06
Hero cape 1 OK Gown/Robe culturalibre 2020-02-28
Elephant OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-05-24
Tv remote OK Weapon/Tool/Carried culturalibre 2019-12-25
Hand claws OK Weapon/Tool/Carried culturalibre 2021-02-27
Balaclava OK Hat/Helmet culturalibre 2020-04-18
Hero suit 1 OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-02-21
Eye head OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-05-10
Hero belt 2 OK Accessory culturalibre 2020-02-18
Hero boots 5 OK Shoes/Boots/Socks culturalibre 2020-04-03
Hero gem OK Jewelry culturalibre 2020-01-18
Fish OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-05-16
Hero-heroine hood 2 OK Hat/Helmet culturalibre 2020-04-06
Warrior gloves OK Gloves culturalibre 2020-04-09
Heroine torso 1 OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-01-26
Leather bracelet OK Accessory culturalibre 2020-05-29
Magic sceptre OK Weapon/Tool/Carried culturalibre 2020-03-20
Wristbands OK Accessory culturalibre 2019-12-24
Hero mask 3 OK Hat/Helmet culturalibre 2020-02-09
Hero-heroine bracelets 1 OK Accessory culturalibre 2020-02-28
Hero kalistick lefthanded OK Weapon/Tool/Carried culturalibre 2020-01-19
Hero-heroine gloves 4 OK Gloves culturalibre 2020-03-07
Bandana mask OK Accessory culturalibre 2020-04-17
Hero-heroine energy hands 1 OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-02-02
Eyepatch OK Accessory culturalibre 2020-05-03
Hero logo OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-02-18
Hero cape 2 OK Gown/Robe culturalibre 2020-04-02
Hero-heroine hood 1 OK Hat/Helmet culturalibre 2020-01-18
Tears OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-05-15
Hero suit 3 OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-03-01
Hero cape 5 OK Gown/Robe culturalibre 2020-04-07
Heroine suit 1 OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-01-25
Suitcase OK Weapon/Tool/Carried culturalibre 2020-05-26
Warrior helmet OK Hat/Helmet culturalibre 2020-03-15
Doc ock glasses OK Accessory culturalibre 2020-03-29
Hero mask 2 OK Hat/Helmet culturalibre 2020-01-14
Hero-heroine gloves 3 OK Gloves culturalibre 2020-02-07
Hero suit 2 OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-02-28
Hero kalistick OK Weapon/Tool/Carried culturalibre 2020-01-19
Separated OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-05-19
Heroine belt 2 OK Accessory culturalibre 2020-03-11
Heroine mask 1 OK Hat/Helmet culturalibre 2020-04-11
Hero boots 4 OK Shoes/Boots/Socks culturalibre 2020-05-31
Hero mask 1 OK Hat/Helmet culturalibre 2020-01-14
Warrior helmet 02 OK Hat/Helmet culturalibre 2020-04-26