MakeHuman 1.1.1 (beta 1)

MakeHuman 1.1.1 (beta 1) is now available for download. The full release notes can be found at, but in summary this is a bugfix release where the focus has been on fixing unicode and character conversion problems that have made MH crash on certain versions of windows. 

As it stands, it is possible a few minor details might be fixed before the final release of 1.1.1. However, for all practical purposes, the beta 1 is most likely equal to what will be be released as stable soonish. 

The beta can be downloaded here:

The Linux PPA version will report as 1.1.0+[date] for the beta, but you'll see "1.1.1" in the window title when you start it.

Please help test the beta in the coming week(s) so we can be sure we stomped out all the bugs. There is a forum thread for this here




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Best illusion and acrobatic show

Mageex show - Best wedding show
The Kulakov Brothers ' portfolio of illusionists speaks for itself. As professional artists of the original genre, they performed show programs at presentations and corporate events for such major international companies as Wella, Volkswagen, BMW, Ernst&Young, Ford, Jaguar, Korean Air, Lotte Hotel, Nike, Nutricia, Pfizer, Philips, Porshe Design, Procter and Gamble, Samsung, Shell, Sony. See photos and videos of the Mageex show on The website
Professional artistry, and more than 1000 performances — all this was on the shoulder, and now behind the shoulders of the illusionists Kulakov Brothers. Thanks to charisma, experience and theatrical performances, Mageex illusionists realized at some point that tricks, jokes and amazing numbers are born quickly in their heads and everyone likes them. So the choice was made in favor of the profession of magicians - illusionists. The head of the Mageex show-Serge Kulakov can be proud of the easy style of preparation, performances and holding absolutely any events, including weddings. This is a person who feels the fine line between what can and cannot be said, what can be shown and what is not worth it. It will help you create a show scenario for a holiday that will appeal to guests of any age and status. Mageex illusionists are excellent improvisers who have charisma and are able to charge people with positive energy.
Mageex is a fantastic illusionary acrobatic show in a visually interactive format.
Order the best show program And get an ocean of unforgettable emotions
Interactive and visual performance is the best gift for any event
These are unique moments and feelings for You and your guests,which means that the holiday will be remembered for a long time!
You will find the most amazing and velikolepnye magic tricks from professional magicians Brothers Kulakovich.
They will select an individual program of tricks and make the event truly wonderful!

There are a lot of different formats of performances, and an original script is created for each event.
They create show programs of absolutely any scale, from a coin to a helicopter.

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All who like magic tricks - here is a cool article about magic tricks

What is the focus? In the Middle ages, it was believed that tricks and tricks - this is something diabolical. Traveling magicians, demonstrating their tricks to the audience, tried their best to show the divine origin of their tricks, for which they made the sign of the cross and called on the name of Jesus Christ. Ancient magicians used a phrase that was usually uttered in the Temple during the removal of the Holy gifts: "hoc est corpus meum" - "This is my body".
Over the years, the meaning of this phrase was forgotten and "hawk est corpus meum" turned into "hokus-Pokus". In Russia the "Hokusai" turned into "focus".
Vladimir Dal in his dictionary gives the following definition: Hocus-pocus-buffoonery, a JOKE, a hassle, a diversion, an incomprehensible phenomenon based on the art of pretense. Magician – the magician or mountebank".
Dahl, who is familiar with the tricks and tricks of show magicians and with salon magic, pointed out the main rule in the work of magicians – "averting the eyes", i.e. distraction. In the modern world, illusionism is a demonstration of tricks using various equipment, the unexpected appearance and disappearance of large objects, people, etc. Manipulation-tricks with small objects: balls, handkerchiefs, cards.
The main principle of a magician is to say the opposite of what you are doing. This rule was invented by ancient magicians and magicians. A person can't keep track of two actions at the same time. It follows that the magician must be able to make several uncoordinated separate movements at the same time. Many people talk about the" elusive movements " of the magician. This is not true. All the movements of the magician should be visible to the audience, they just direct the audience's attention in the other direction.
There are many magicians in the world now. Illusion shows awaken the viewer's imagination, make them dream and believe in miracles. Every encounter with magic tricks brings a person delight and surprise.

May the magic come with You!

What do you know about magic?

The Mageex brothers are illusionists with extensive experience working at various events
Performing magic tricks and illusions, holding events is the favorite work of the Kulakov Brothers illusionists. They have been working in the field of events for more than 10 years, during which they have accumulated a decent experience of conducting and organizing show programs of various scales. From the smallest to the largest audience-surprise the Amateur magician or the most inveterate skeptics. For mageex illusionists, there are no barriers to miracles.
You've probably heard about their shows on Megapolis FM 89.5 or seen them perform on TV and live.
Mageex is a fantastic illusionary acrobatic show in a visually interactive format.
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Interactive and visual performance is the best gift for any event
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You are waiting for the most amazing and amazing tricks from professionals in Their field-mageex magicians.
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There are a lot of different exclusive programs, and an original script is created for each event.
They create shows programs and tricks that can not be found just like that on the Internet, the Kulakov brothers have many awards and commendations

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All who like magic tricks - here is a cool article about magic

The first known document that mentions the art of illusion is the ancient Egyptian papyrus Vestkar, named after the owner of the collection where it was originally stored. It contains legends Dating back to 2900 BC, the era of the reign of the Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops). One of the legends mentions the performance of a magician and trainer DJEDI, who can put in place and grow a severed head of a goose and can make a lion follow him without fetters mageex illusionists also know how to do this.
WEBA-ANER — one of the magicians mentioned in the Westcar papyri, was known to take a small wax figure of a crocodile and inexplicably transform it into a living, adult, and very ferocious beast.
For the first time in fiction about magicians mentioned in the XVI century: Teofilo Folengo of Mantua in his poem "Macaronada" brought a magician named BOCCAL de BERGAMOSC.
The Italian BALDUCCI performed a trick with an imaginary decapitation and increment of the severed head in 1750. He released a rooster on the stage, whose head was previously tucked under the wing and tied in this position. In its place, the severed head of another rooster was attached to the body. BALDUCCI let the rooster run a few steps, "cut off" his head, "blood" gushed, and he showed this head to the audience. Then he covered the bird with a handkerchief, freed the real head from under the wing, and hid the severed one. After that, the live and unharmed rooster was shown to the audience.

Believe in miracles and they will always be near You!