BSoM Astronaut Blender Project including Cycles Materials.


"Building Site on Mars" Astronaut Male (version 1, to be updated) In summer I resurrected my first blender project "Building Site on Mars" (see for "next generation". In this context I ported the austronaut to makehuman to create more than one individuum. Feel free to enhance this figure or to create your own astronaut. Zip File, including Gimp XCF for textures. There are special texture images for cycles (transparent) marked as "_cycles". The cloths are created for standard male. Unfortunally other characters have deformations basing on the nature of exporting special groups (see below). So if someone has a solution for this problem, please comment it... ATTENTION! In the blender file there are more than one materials which must be removed before creating cloths. So before exporting your cloth don't forget to delete the cycles materials. - Materials for Cloth export begin with "blender_". The best way is to save as temporary blender file before creating, to prevent lost of cycles materials. After import to the new project it's possible to append the materials. - It's just a little work to reassign the materials to your new character. The best way will be the selection in the UV Map. It's important to reconfigure the paths for textures in the blender file, particulary because we are working with linux. Have fun to use this project for creation of your own Astronauts or creating your own scenes/videos. Attribution is appreciated. ;)


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