Pleated miniskirt


I really wanted to do pleats by creating a mesh in the right shape, rather than using normals....It took me close to two years off and on to figure out how to do that. The pleats are in fact folded just like real knife pleats (a good guide for making the real thing is, or rather one pleat was folded and then repeated along a bezier curve made from an edge loop in the skirt helper (this introduced some distortions in size, but they're not horrible). The mesh was designed with quads, then transformed to tris (using "poke faces") before being exported as clothes, in order to deal with the non-planar faces necessarily created by the folding. The peculiar format of the UV map is also due to folding the mesh like real pleats: to get pixels to end up in the right places, the texture needs to be a long strip, just like a real pleated skirt is made from a long strip of fabric. Finally, note that if you want to do a cloth simulation on the skirt, you'll need to do some pinning, as the pleats aren't actually attached to the waistband. Credits: In the included material, the plaid texture comes from heartlessinu at DeviantArt (, while the zipper is from fuzzimo ( UPDATE: Straightened some of the geometry in the waistband, and fixed a few problems that show up on specific models.




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Impossible download

This skirt is very interesting, but too bad, I can not download it! Is there a particular path to use?

Re: Impossible download

Are you trying to download it from here, or through the community assets plug-in? And have you been able to download other assets successfully? What happens when you try?

Re: Impossible download

Hm...well, when you posted that, the skirt wasn't in the community assets plug-in yet, so you must have been trying to do it manually. You'll want to find the "makehuman" directory in your "Documents" folder, and then "v1" or "v1py3", and then "data/clothes", and, within that sub-directory, create a new one called "pleated_miniskirt". Finally, save all the files from here into that (except the preview--you don't need that).

what happened?

That look great, I download it and try to fit on a model but error msg:
Problem loading binary mesh: ('compiled file missing: %s', 'I:/Mes documents/makehuman/v1py3/data/clothes/_DRESS/Pleated_miniskirt/pleated_miniskirt.npz')

Re: what happened?

Is that the right directory? That is, did you add the extra directory layer, "_DRESS", yourself? The "npz" file should be compiled by the application the first time you try to load the asset--it's not something you have to download. Did you check the directory in question to see if the file is there?

BTW, the proper place to ask these questions is in the "Assets" section of the forum--that makes sure more people see them.

Download still impossible

Thank you for your comeback. To answer your question, yes, I have already downloaded many assets for a long time, always following the advice of Joel Palmius's tutorial. I use the following path: right click on each file (MHCLO, OBJ, MHMAT, THUMB + textures), all saved in a new folder pleated_miniskirt, which is in the Documents \ makehuman-1.1.1-win32 \ directory data \ clothes. So far, it has worked in almost all cases.
In the case of pleated_miniskirt, on makehuman the preview appears to the right of the character, like the others, but when I click on it the character remains naked, and when I try to go on the material editor (at the beginning I thought it was a problem of opacity to adjust), nothing appears on the left in the list of clothes.
I have also downloaded some of your assets, for example purple_eye, which works perfectly. It's true that it was material, which is a little different.
Do you have any idea what's going on? Thank you in advance.

Download OK

Since your new download, it works perfectly. Thank you for sharing !

Re: Download OK

Great to hear it!

I'll again urge you, if there's a problem with an asset in the future, please don't report it here: report it in the "Assets" section of the forum. When you do it here, the author does *not* receive a notification of any kind--meaning you just have to hope that he happens to check, which may or may not actually happen.

OK !

I take note of your point !