Mars Suit


Gender slider set to full male recommended (sorry, sisters). Exporting unsubdivided Mesh recommended. Blender's Subdiv.-Surface-Modifier set to 3, better 4 recommended. The "displacement texture" in fact is an emission map. Look here how to combine normal- and bumpmaps in Cycles: +++ Edit: new vertex-triplet assigned to the rigid part. No more unwanted deformations. +++ Further useful informations and textures: +++ Updated mhmat-file for better viewport visibility inside MH. Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA.




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Really nice! I love the design.

don't miss the enhencements:

I recommend replacing the files that are no texture. Sorry for the inconveniance.

absolutely cool and not only for males

This is a real great asset. Thanx also for the tutorial of how to add a bump map. I always want to put that into the displacement entry ... fail ... I made a "small story" in the gallery and how you can use a female character without changing the suit. Maybe you should change the picture in the tutorial and add the emission texture as well, not everyone knows, how these textures work.

new normalmap

hi, punkduck, what an honor since your models are more than outstanding! I noticed that you still use the old normal map. I had some issues while baking. Had to level the normal midtone in gimp. Result: no more shading artefacts at the spotlight-area. Try it and have a nice day.

normal diff not exists

As I tried to download the first pics (diff).But I got an 404 error

better now?

better now?

better now

better now

use asset in program

how i import this suit in makehuman program and match it with my character