Ladies Apron1 by Elv

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An apron for female makehuman models. Distortion not garment breaking even on large sized chests. No alphas utilized. Flowery texture included.




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This asset is very well done

This asset is very well done and very usefull to me, thanks a lot for your work and for sharing it!

However, I tried to modify it a bit in Blender because I wanted it to be longer, but I went through some troubles.
I imported the human mesh (default female), then imported the apron .obj file.
I made the apron longer, but when I clicked on Make clothes, I got an error.

One or more verts have more than 8 poles.

The new folder with the name of my mesh is created, but it is empty.
Even when I don't change the initial mesh (just import the .obj file and click on Make clothes), I still get the same message.
Is it normal? How can I correct this?