Frill Bikini Top


This part of the Bikini should be combined with the frill bikini bottom. Delete-groups are used. Normalmap is added. Some of the faces could be viewed from both sides. Edit: An example to change the setup so that the normalmap is not acting on the backside is supplied as bump texture.




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MHCLO file: 

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Optional thumb file: 

Optional diffuse texture: 

Optional bump texture: 

Optional normals texture: 

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nice render

I also like the material comparison in the "bump texture" image, such lovely soft fabric.

that was the reason why the picture was done twice ...

We often forgot that the inside of a piece of cloth will not work properly with the standard setup (normal map will cause the problem). And we neglect the topic that a piece of cloth is normaly translucent. Funny enough that I didn't realize this e.g. for the polka dot shirt etc. In the case of the bikini I tried to make the texture of the frill with an additional alpha layer but it doesn't really help. So I had the idea to use additional translucency.