F Bikini 01


Tags: Female, Swimwear. This bikini is also included in F Beach Dress 01. I have not made any effort in the material settings.


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My comments start to get

My comments start to get repetitive, but that's what happens when people are repetitive in creating really good assets. This one looks terrific with cycles without touching any material settings.

Great stuff

Thank you for another great stuff, but bra is suitable for rather skiny (small breasted girls A-B cup) can you please think about version for C-D cup girls :)

Thank You in advance


I done the modelling on MakeHuman base mesh average female and then tried the result several times but its hard to make them fit in some situations even after hours of remeshing. The best final result is after import in Blender, tweak the clothing with the sculpt tool, clay and smooth brushes with low strength to make the final fitness.

I'm very glad to see that you use my clothes and make your own.

If I haven't had so much to do I would be glad to help to clean up but I am certain you get the swimsuit together.

I have looked at the file, and it looks like you have used the shrinkwrap modifier and therefore the buckle in the back became flat.