Elvs Chain Mail Bikini

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*Request* ~This chain mail bikini has been requested due to an image I had posted for my set of bone wings. Having been unhappy with them in makehuman, I went back to the makeclothes drawing board in an effort to make it play nicer with the system, and with multiple body types. I then linked top to bottom as one. Note that the clothing* has many vertexes and as such is a heavy* item(its chain mail not a pattern of a chain mail texture). It also is not fond of custom targets relating with the bottom area and cleavages. A basic texture included to show up as a chain in makehuman. Feel free to drag it into blender and streamline it as preferred etc. Ty for the nod, this is one of my favorite pieces.




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I'm pretty sure, that it isn

I'm pretty sure, that it isn't comfortable at all to wear this, but it's really well done.

Thank You very much

My Lilith will have some fancy clothing :D

Beautiful, some question

Did that from where ?
When try with Blender Maketarget bind on body don't work for me to reproduce it.
Custom target all time covers it, so whith yours that run, I supposed you use another making, or have you a tricks for that?

Ah, yes you make left right group, I try to reproduce it from rigid group, sb have tricks for that ?