Centipede bioweapons蜈蚣生化武器


• Design meaning:Biological experiments, the centipede with human combination, the purpose is to do biological weapons, used in warfare. But after it was done, it got out of control and started killing and predation animals. The core of its head controls the whole. The body's sensitivity to pain is low, so injured hands and feet feel less pain. But the core of the head, if it's subjected to a severe attack, such as a super-hot fire, will die. The life force still belongs to extremely tenacious. Also extremely easy to feel hungry, how to eat not enough to eat. When she is hungry and has nothing to eat, she eats her own flesh, such as her hands and feet. Extremely fast, extremely lethal, when she eats a person, think the human face, beautiful, so eat a perfect person body, only left face, and then hang it on her chest. • Appeal: do not in the form of biological experiments to harm living things, one day harm human themselves.Please protect the biological environment. • 设计含义:生物实验,是蜈蚣与人类的结合,目的是做生物武器,用于战争。但在这之后,它失去了控制,开始捕杀和捕食动物。它头部的核心控制着整体,身体对疼痛的敏感度很低,所以受伤的手和脚感觉不到疼痛。但是头部的核心,如果受到严重的攻击,比如超高温的火焰,就会死亡。生命力还是属于极其顽强的。也极易感到饿,怎么吃都吃不饱。 她饿了没有东西吃,就吃自己的肉,就是手脚的肉。非常快,非常致命,当她吃一个人的时候,觉得人的脸,很漂亮,所以吃了一个完美的人的身体,只留下脸,然后挂在她的胸部。 呼吁:不要以生物实验的形式伤害生物,终有一天伤害人类自己。请保护生物环境。




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