These are user contributed clothes for MakeHuman. Note that they are not created, nor endorsed, by the MakeHuman crew. You use them at your own risk. If you wish more information on clothes (including on how to create them), take a look in the wiki (particularly the FAQ on how to install clothes). New users may be interested in the MakeClothes tutorial by VscorpianC.

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Filter settings

Titlesort descending Status Category Author Last changed
Elvs Mary Janes w/Socks OK Shoes/Boots/Socks Elvaerwyn 2018-03-09
Elvs Mens Apron1 OK Unsorted/other Elvaerwyn 2020-05-24
Elvs Mens sweater pant set1 OK Unsorted/other Elvaerwyn 2020-04-24
Elvs Mini Halter dress1 OK Gown/Robe Elvaerwyn 2019-06-01
Elvs Moose Antlers1 OK Hat/Helmet Elvaerwyn 2020-03-28
Elvs Multi Bangle Bracelet1 OK Jewelry Elvaerwyn 2018-03-21
Elvs Pearl Anklet 1 OK Jewelry Elvaerwyn 2020-06-08
Elvs Peep toe Slingbacks1 OK Shoes/Boots/Socks Elvaerwyn 2019-04-23
Elvs Pencil Skirt 1 OK Skirt Elvaerwyn 2020-06-08
Elvs Plague mask Ladies1 OK Hat/Helmet Elvaerwyn 2020-03-28
Elvs Pleated Plaid Miniskirt1 OK Skirt Elvaerwyn 2019-06-01
Elvs Pumpkin Hallows Earrings1 OK Jewelry Elvaerwyn 2018-10-27
Elvs Retro girly shorts1 OK Pants Elvaerwyn 2018-10-18
Elvs Santa Hat OK Hat/Helmet Elvaerwyn 2017-12-23
Elvs Silken Scarf Shirt 2 OK Shirt/T-shirt/Sweater Elvaerwyn 2018-07-19
Elvs Silken Scarf Shirt1 OK Shirt/T-shirt/Sweater Elvaerwyn 2018-04-06
Elvs simple 60s Dress1 OK Gown/Robe Elvaerwyn 2018-06-15
Elvs simple fashion dress1 OK Gown/Robe Elvaerwyn 2018-06-15
Elvs simple fashion dress2 OK Gown/Robe Elvaerwyn 2018-06-17
Elvs Sling Purse1 OK Weapon/Tool/Carried Elvaerwyn 2018-04-27
Elvs slouchy beanie1 OK Hat/Helmet Elvaerwyn 2020-01-16
Elvs Spiderweb Leotard OK Unsorted/other Elvaerwyn 2018-07-20
Elvs Sporty Fetish Bottoms1 OK Pants Elvaerwyn 2018-08-08
Elvs Sporty Fetish Top1 OK Shirt/T-shirt/Sweater Elvaerwyn 2018-08-08
Elvs Sporty Tracksuit hoodie dress1 OK Gown/Robe Elvaerwyn 2020-04-05
Elvs String Leotard1 OK Uniform/Armor Elvaerwyn 2018-03-19
Elvs Studded Heels1 OK Shoes/Boots/Socks Elvaerwyn 2019-04-17
Elvs Swimwear micro shorts OK Pants Elvaerwyn 2019-08-30
Elvs Tiered Halterdress1 OK Gown/Robe Elvaerwyn 2019-06-01
Elvs Tophat1 OK Hat/Helmet Elvaerwyn 2018-02-01
Elvs TV Head OK Hat/Helmet Elvaerwyn 2018-01-08
Elvs Twisty Hoops1 OK Jewelry Elvaerwyn 2018-04-03
Elvs Unicorn horn 1 OK Hat/Helmet Elvaerwyn 2020-03-29
Elvs Vintage Swimwear1~50s strapless OK Unsorted/other Elvaerwyn 2018-05-23
Elvs Wedge Tall Boots1 OK Shoes/Boots/Socks Elvaerwyn 2019-05-31
Elvs winter puffer jacket ladies1 OK Uniform/Armor Elvaerwyn 2020-01-16
Elvs winter puffer pant Ladies1 OK Pants Elvaerwyn 2020-01-16
Elvs Witchy Hallows Hat1 OK Hat/Helmet Elvaerwyn 2018-10-27
Elvs Zombie killer Blouse OK Shirt/T-shirt/Sweater Elvaerwyn 2020-09-23
Elvs Zombie killer Jeans OK Pants Elvaerwyn 2020-09-23
Elvs Zombie killer Sneakers OK Shoes/Boots/Socks Elvaerwyn 2020-10-06
Elvs Zombie killer socks OK Shoes/Boots/Socks Elvaerwyn 2020-10-08
EMT Uniform Jacket OK Uniform/Armor Elvaerwyn 2019-08-30
EMT Uniform Jacket~Ladies OK Uniform/Armor Elvaerwyn 2019-09-02
EMT Uniform Pant OK Uniform/Armor Elvaerwyn 2019-08-30
EMT Uniform Pant~Ladies OK Uniform/Armor Elvaerwyn 2019-09-02
evening gloves OK Gloves punkduck 2017-05-29
Evening gown OK Gown/Robe punkduck 2017-12-16
Executioner mask OK Hat/Helmet culturalibre 2020-04-19
Eye head OK Unsorted/other culturalibre 2020-05-10